Simplifying Your Search for Pet Services

Creating a smooth and intuitive search journey for all your pet's needs.

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Streamlining the pet service search experience for busy pet parents

UX/UI Design User Research Branding Prototyping


Sniffly is designed to tackle the challenges faced by pet parents within Singapore. It aims to empower pet parents with a convenient and comprehensive platform for all their pet service needs.


• UX Design
• UI Design
• User research
• Data synthesis
• Branding
• Usability testing
• Iterative design


• Figma
• Figjam
• Zoom
• Maze
• Whimsical


November - December 2022 (6 Weeks)

Project type

DesignLab case study

Multifaceted challenges in accessing pet service options

Caring for our beloved pets is a significant responsibility, and as pet parents, we require a range of essential services to ensure their well-being. However, the process of locating and engaging with service providers that meet our specific needs can be a challenging and time-consuming task, often leading to stress and frustration.

Doubting the reliability of online reviews and the consistency of service quality, undermining their confidence in selecting and engaging with pet service providers.

Difficulty in obtaining essential information and transparent pricing from pet service providers, leading to uncertainty and frustration in the decision-making process.

Time-consuming to browse multiple websites to filter through the available pet service providers, leading to inefficiency and inconvenience in the search process.

Diving deeper on why this is happening?

I conducted user interviews with 10 pet owners to gain insights into their preferences and pain points when searching for pet services. This helped us identify opportunities to improve the user experience and make the process more streamlined.

Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3

" When looking through Google maps, not all of them have websites. Even when there are websites and price listing, there are alot of hidden or ad hoc cost which are not factored in, so the end price is always higher than the listed price."

“ Takes a long time to filter through those that seem trustworthy, and to ask others if they have been there. But after this whole process, sometimes it just doesn't work out cause of the availability and I need to restart the whole process again.”

“ It’s hard to make appointment cause not all vets here can treat exotic animals. Some of them do accept even when they are actually not well versed, and I ended up having to send my bunny to another vet, which is extra cost and stress."

A one-stop solution for searching and engaging with pet services.

Consolidated search

A library of pet service providers, with verified and trusted reviews for you to choose from.

Real time booking

User-friendly booking system that allows real-time booking and easy modification of bookings.

Information transparency

Providing transparent pricing and comprehensive information, so all questions are answered before booking.

End product

Sniffly end product

Learning how others do it.

Through a competitive analysis, I was able to identify key competitors in Singapore and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to Sniffly. This allows me to gain a better understanding of how we can differentiate ourselves in the market.

Competitive analysis

Key takeaways:

Clear booking system to view availability, book sessions, and modify bookings in real time.

Comprehensive sort and filter functions to fine tune the search results according to your needs.

Having verified reviews and knowing how they were verified increases your trust and confidence.

How might we?

Who am I designing it for?

Two user personas were created based on the user interviews to represent different groups of users that would be affected by the problem. For instance, Kayla Reynolds, a helicopter dog mom who seeks a convenient and personalised search process and values high-quality pet services.

Sniffly user persona

Feature prioritisation

Once I gained a deeper understanding of the user's needs and preferences, I generated a list of potential features that should be incorporated into the design. To ensure that the project was feasible to complete, I prioritised "Must Have" features with the highest impact and lowest effort required, and set aside "Nice to Have" features for future iterations.

Sniffly feature map


After identifying the necessary features, I created a concise sitemap that is both functional and user-friendly.


User flow

After finalising the list of features, I proceeded to create a user journey to visualise the experience of using the product. This allowed me to understand the user's perspective and make necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Sniffly user flow

Early concepts

With these features in mind, I started sketching and ideating. I created several variations of a screen to gather initial feedback and determine the direction to take.


Defining the brand identity

My next step was to establish a strong brand identity by creating a compelling name and a cohesive design system.

I chose the name "Sniffly" because I wanted to create an approachable and relatable brand identity for pet owners. Additionally, the brand's colour scheme embodies a sense of trust and warmth. The name itself is a playful play on words, where the brand mascot - a dachshund - represents the act of 'sniffing out' the services pet owners need.

Sniffly UI set

Does it work?

To gain more insight and feedback on the design, I conducted a prototype test with 14 pet parents. The test required them to search for a service provider, make a booking, and modify the booking. Although there were a few minor areas for improvement, the overall feedback from the prototype test was positive with 100% completion rate for all 3 task.

“ User friendly with good layout of various services and companies. It was very easy to navigate and intuitive to use.“

“ I like the use of verified reviews, makes me trust that the reviews are legit. The interface is clean and gives a fun and cute vibe.“

“ Very straightforward and easy to use. The search and browsing options are clear. I can quickly find what I want.“


Based on the feedback from the tests, I identified the main areas that required improvement and addressed them in subsequent iterations:

Final concepts

Sniffly high fidelity wireframes

In summary ...


How did I make users trust Sniffly’s service provider? By verifying reviews and providing transparent information about the verification process. Additionally is to also ensure that transparent pricing guidelines is adhered to.


How did I make it convenient for the users? By offering a consolidated search functionality and by introducing a real-time booking function, which streamlined the booking process and reduce the need for back-and-forth communication.


How did I make it intuitive for the users? By having a clean user interface, and strategically placing the most important features (MVPs). This is so that users can complete their desired actions without frustration.

If I had more time...


Warming up ...