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Improving B2C user retention and revenue

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SS provides holistic mental health solutions that seamlessly integrate online and offline therapy sessions with a rich array of resources. They are one of the pioneers in digital mental health ecosystem in Singapore.


• UX Design
• User research
• User persona
• Usability testing


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May - Oct 2023

Concerning trend of low user retention rates

Despite experiencing a remarkable overall 416% increase in client growth over a 10-month period, a significant portion of the user base failed to remain active over time, hindering their growth potential.

Even with a rapid rate of client growth, there is a high churn rate and low user retention.

Product misalignment and struggling to create features that align both user needs and business goals.

How Might We

Enhance the B2C experience to increase user retention and foster long-term engagement?

Introducing discounted bundle packages

Elevated purchase value

Created a perception of greater value for users, as they can access multiple services at a discounted price compared to purchasing them individually.

Increased user retention

Fostering long term engagement and preventing off-platform transactions.

Enhance user convenience

Removing the need for checkout process during booking, and accelerating the booking process.

The impact

25% increase in B2C revenue

Within the first month of releasing the discounted bundle, it contributed to a 25% increase in B2C revenue.

Discovering the cause

Despite having remarkable client growth, there was a lack of a structured approach in comprehending their users' needs and behaviours. This absence posed a barrier to maximising user engagement and retention.

In order to understand their needs and pain points, I interviewed 3 different types of user groups.

These sessions delved deep into our clients' objectives in engaging with SS, and exploring the perceived value SS could offer them throughout their journey. This encompassed not only the pre-engagement phase but also the engagement and post-engagement phases, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their experiences. Additionally, group-specific topics, such as the motivation behind purchasing gift cards, were also discussed.

This approach provided rich insights into the diverse motivations and experiences of our user base, laying a solid foundation for informed design decisions and strategic recommendations.

Blurred user interview

* Image has been blurred to protect user's confidentiality, and showing only parts of the insights.

Through this user research initiative, we managed to unravel the complexities of SS's user base and have a deeper understanding user preferences, pain points, and behaviours. Leveraging this wealth of information, 3 detailed user persona that encapsulated the diverse demographics and motivations, frustrations, and needs were birthed.

Blurred user persona

Defining the problem

Based on the insights gathered above, we managed to pinpoint an oversight in the customer journey that significantly contributed to the high churn rate and low repeat usage.

* Actual problem statement is not disclosed here. Please contact me for further information regarding this project.

Brainstorming and evaluating design solutions

After defining the problem statement, we came up with 4 potential solutions and ranked them according to their level of impact, feasibility of implementation, and alignment with business and user goals.

We also validated these concepts with our users to evaluate how well each design solution addresses the user's needs and pain points.

* Plausible design solutions are not disclosed here. Please contact me for further information regarding this project.


Through the design evaluations, we decided to implement a discounted bundle package that users can purchase and offset their counselling sessions. This solution was favoured due to:

Screenshot of solution - discount bundled package

In summary ...

Improving user retention and B2C revenue

By introducing the discounted bundle packages, it increases the perceived purchase value for users and improved user retention with the service.

Understanding users

Effective design solutions stem from a deep understanding of our user base, encompassing their needs, frustrations, and motivations. By delving into their world, it enabled us to craft solutions that authentically address the challenges they face. Ensuring our designs are not just solutions, but impactful problem-solving tools.


Warming up ...