Hai there! I'm Jodie

Leveraging my background, I use my unique skillset to create products that are not only useful but also enjoyable to use, where people feel seen, heard, and understood.

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Before my design chapter

I worked with a variety of clients to help them navigate their personal and professional challenges. Through my work, I developed a deep understanding of human behavior, emotions, and communication. I also learned the importance of empathy, listening, and problem-solving.

Why UX?

While I found my work as a counsellor to be fulfilling, I realised that my passion for helping people extended beyond the realms of mental health. I was drawn to UX design by the intersection between technology and mental health, and how it was transforming the way we live and work.

I was inspired by its potential to make a large scale tangible impact in various sectors and saw it as an exciting opportunity to collaborate on projects.

Outside of design

When I’m not designing, you can find me climbing on fake rocks (we don’t have many real rocks here in Singapore), stuck in board games, or pampering my furkids.

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